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Tom Brady knows a whole hell of a lot about balls, maybe more than your average professional football player. Fellow quarterback Eli Manning, is one of many who don’t really believe Brady’s response to the “deflategate” rumors.

The Giants star shot some subliminals at Brady, while talking to an audience at the New York Athletics club last week.

“I’ve never worried really much about the inflation or the certain number of pounds of inflation,” Manning said. “I thought it was kind of strange that Brady knew he liked his ball at 12.5 pounds of pressure in the ball. … That’s the minimum number that you can have, that seemed kind of strange to me. … I’ve never heard about anybody deflating the football to their advantage, it’s the first I’m hearing about it.”

Manning also admitted that a ball conspiracy isn’t “that big of a deal” in the grand scheme of things.

Brady and the Patriots will face the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl XLIV this Sunday (Jan. 30).

Photo: WENN