Yet another rapper who doubts scientific proof. Dipset co-founder, Cam’ron, needs more proof than big dinosaur bones to prove they actually roamed the earth he revealed in an interview.

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Comedic duo ItsTheReal return with more fan questions in the fifth episode of Rap Lines With Eric & Jeff. Mac Miller sits on the hot seat this time in an interview that’s as zany as all involved parties. Miller does manage to provide a bit of wisdom to an aspiring rapper from his hometown. He also says […]


You’ve seen them do interviews, and you’ve seen them do skits. Now, Jeff and Eric Rosenthal of are jumping into music by releasing a comedy mixtape called, Urbane Outfitters. 

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Behind plenty of successful Hip-Hop acts, there is usually a pretty powerful Jewish guy making moves. These are [sort of] facts. It doesn’t mean that any of them are corny people, in fact quite the contrary. Most of these cool white dudes are some of the most influential people in Hip-Hop.

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The two jews with attitudes who made a name for themselves by making fun of rappers, are now about to become rappers. Yes, they are dead serious. Jeff and Eric Rosenthal will be making their on stage debut at the Bonnaroo festival’s Solar Stage Friday, June 8th at 9pm. Their comedy mixtape, Urbane Outfitters, will […]