Mac Miller

It looks like Mac Miller’s death will not be in vein. Three men are being held to legal task for their role in providing the late rapper’s passing.

Mac Miller’s legacy will continue to live on properly. One of his close collaborators has just blessed the masses with some new tunes.

Mac Miller

Earlier this month Mac Miller’s family announced that they were putting together a memorial concert in his honor that would feature the likes of ScHoolboy Q, SZA and Travis Scott amongst others. Now the McCormick family is revealing that tomorrow night’s Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life event will be livestreamed on various streaming platforms […]

Mac Miller

Though Ariana Grande’s been putting on a brave face for the past few months it’s becoming obvious that Mac Miller’s sudden death has indeed affected her in ways we can’t really comprehend. After rumors swirled that Mac’s overdose played a part in her breakup with Pete Davidson (he’s publicly stated he smokes weed to deal […]

Grande seemed to be very much in love with the comedian, but new details have surfaced.

Mac Miller

Mac Miller‘s sudden passing last September caught the Hip-Hop world by surprise and though it’s still raw for many of his fans, Mac’s family has announced the Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life concert that’ll benefit and honor the launch of the Mac Miller Circles Fund (MMCF).

SchoolBoy Q is having a hard time dealing with the death of his close friend Mac Miller, so much so, he’s postponing his forthcoming album. During a recent show in Chicago, the TDE rapper told the crowd that he’s not his “real self” right now, but he’s pushing through because that’s what Miller would want.

The death of Mac Miller is a moment in time fans and his peers are still processing, with questions about how the young Pittsburgh rapper passed still unanswered. It has come forth that Miller did have a will in place and reveals that his parents will get the largest share of his fortune.

Mac Miller‘s sudden passing last week still remains something of a mystery as an official cause of death has yet to be announced. While speculation over how the young rapper died remains high, it has since come out that Miller was allegedly dead for hours ahead of his body being discovered.

The Hip-Hop community is still deep in processing the sudden loss of Mac Miller just as he was set to embark on a tour for his recently released studio album, Swimming. To honor the life of the artist and producer, thousands of fans gathered at a childhood park he frequented in his native Pittsburgh.

The death of Mac Miller has sent ripples of shock and sadness throughout the entertainment industry, with his peers collectively mourning the loss while praising the Pittsburgh rapper for his contributions to music. As the investigation of his sudden passing remains underway, officials have visited Miller’s California home to retrieve his body but there was […]

Mac Miller is back in the fold with a new album. He just released his fifth studio effort and will followed it up with a tour.