According to published reports, the Food and Drug Administration has officially approved the vaccine for the coronavirus after hearing the research materials and answering questions from Pfizer’s vaccine experts.

Getting five hours’ (or more) worth of energy just might kill you. 5-Hour Energy, the compact jolt of liquid vigor found on the counters of gas stations around the nation, has been named in 13 deaths, and more than 30 hospitalizations, over the last four years.

Earving “Magic” Johnson is the latest person to endorse Orasure Technologies OraQuick, the first ever FDA-approved take-home HIV test. With OraQuick, the once frowned upon task of getting tested for the deadly HIV virus, can now be taken at home in a more intimate and non-judgmental environment, saving the concerned from embarrassment and scrutiny.

The public will soon be able to take HIV tests in the comfort of their own homes. On Tuesday (July 3), the Federal Drug Administration approved home HIV tests, results of which will be determined  in 20-40 minutes. Last week, the Center for Disease Control announced the release of free home testing kits in 24 drug […]

B.O.B – “Dr. Aden” [Video] B.O.B released a new video for his song, “Dr. Aden” today from his No Genre CD. “Dr. Aden” is a vivid, detailed record mirroring the story about the Bayer Company back in the 80’s that sold a medicine for people with hemophilia. Bayer discovered that the medicine had AIDS in […]

A church daycare has come under fire after it was revealed that employees mixed medication with candy meant for the children in an effort to help them sleep longer during nap time. Police investigators from Springfield township, located outside Cincinnati, believe that workers at Covenant Apostolic Church Daycare gave over-the-counter drug Melatonin to many of […]