Puerto Rico just can’t catch a break. The majority of the island is still without electricity after a major power grid caught fire.

Even though she is an international superstar Cardi B still has her borough in heart. She will be covering the funeral expenses for the families affected by the recent fire in The Bronx.

Details are scant at the moment but officials say that they're working to discover how this fire occurred.

HoneyKomb Brazy has suffered a major loss in his life and the story is just out of this world. According to reports his grandparents allegedly were victims of barbaric street warfare. On Wednesday, February 17 Tony Lewis and Leila Lewis perished in a house fire at their home on Dr. Thomas Avenue in Mobile, Alabama.

LeBron James has just been reminded that celebrity will not protect you from natural disasters. He had to leave his residence as many other have in California.

A New Jersey woman who was invited to a man’s home for a late-night hookup was angered when she arrived and the man didn’t answer his door. In a fit of rage, the woman burned down the man’s home in hopes that she would end his life.

DJ Whoo Kid might need to start carrying a fire extinguisher in the booth with him during his sets if things carry on like this. The veteran New York DJ was playing a party in Las Vegas when one of his speakers burst into flames last weekend.

A Bay Area man recently put his personal priorities in order and risked his life to snag his BBQ ribs from a burning apartment building.

An incredibly terrifying fire broke out in downtown Los Angeles this morning (Dec. 8). Local police and firefighters have yet to determine the cause but there are trained dogs on the scene sniffing for accelerant in the case of arson attack.

Arachnophobia is a condition that affects millions of Americans but one Seattle resident definitely took attempts to exterminate a vermin to a dangerously scary level.

Eminem’s childhood home was damaged by a fire yesterday evening (November 7) in Detroit. It is the same house pictured on the cover of the Shady Records rapper’s just released new album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2. 

Last night, Big Sean blessed the The Arsenio Hall Show with two live performances of Hall of Fame tracks “Fire” and “Beware.” He also had a chance to briefly discuss his come up with host Arsenio Hall.