Although a rumored fling between Drake and Rihanna was reported back in 2009, the rapper says he now realizes that their relationship was, to his surprise, just business. According to the Young Money star, the singer used him to write records for her upcoming album Rated R. What everyone thought was the two becoming cozy […]

There are about three weeks left until the official release of Thank Me Later, so it come to no surprise that about half of the album has already leaked through the cracks and found its way onto the Internet to receive praise or scrutiny. Two standouts many can expect and have been highly anticipating come […]

The major difference between releasing a mixtape and dropping a studio album is something that many artists have been unable to grapple as time has progressed. Although a rapper might believe that they should deliver their hardest material to the mainstream, there is a compromise that must be handled as there are extra politics when […]