Controversial podcast host Joe Rogan is apparently backing former First Lady Michelle Obama for a 2024 run for president as the Democratic Party's nominee. Speaking to listeners, he claimed that she had a legitimate shot and that only a team of former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would be able to stop her.


Michelle Obama reveals her private struggle with "low-grade depression" in the latest episode of her podcast on Spotify. Between George Floyd's death, Trump's "hypocrisy" and the stress of living under quarantine, she's struggled to keep it all together. Don't worry. She assures fans he's doing just fine these days.


With the President Barack and Michelle Obama farewell tour winding down, people are literally begging for something to happen where they can stay in the White House.

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First Lady Michelle Obama has not been shy about involving herself in cultural trends aimed at younger people, as evidenced by her ability to hit the latest dances with ease. Mrs. Obama once more shows she’s more than just the wife of the nation’s president and kicked some bars aimed at getting kids to attend […]

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The brewing situation in Nigeria involving the Boko Haram kidnapping of nearly 300 schoolgirls from a northern portion of the country last month has shocked the world. The “#BringBackOurGirls” movement launched recently has been steadily growing, and got a big boost when First Lady Michelle Obama showed her support.

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A Belgian newspaper came under fire after posting racially insensitive images of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in a failed attempt at satirical humor over the weekend. The newspaper has since apologized, stating they made an error in judgment.

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President Barack Obama began the first day of a weeklong trip to the Motherland. The commander in chief and the first family landed in Senegal late Wednesday (June 26).

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President Obama’s forthcoming Africa trip could cost eight figures. The POTUS and first lady will visit three African nations later this month at the cost of as much as $100 million in taxpayer money.


Today (April 2), First Lady Michelle Obama will host 80 high school and college students from around the country as part of a workshop focused on the upcoming Jackie Robinson biopic, 42. The event will take place at the White House inside the State Dining Room, featuring Robinson’s widow Rachel Robinson and cast members who […]

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As President Obama goes into his second term, the White House has posted a visual timeline of his previous year in office. Starting with New Year’s Day 2012, the images show fun times, such as the president vacationing in Hawaii, to somber moments, like hearing of the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

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President Obama cut his vacation short to return to Washington D.C., Thursday (Dec. 27) to resume fiscal cliff negotiations. As the year-end deadline draws closer, the commander in chief left Hawaii, the White House announced Tuesday. Obama was scheduled to return back to work later in the week, but First Lady Michelle Obama and his daughters will […]