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As President Obama goes into his second term, the White House has posted a visual timeline of his previous year in office.

Starting with New Year’s Day 2012, the images show fun times, such as the president vacationing in Hawaii, to somber moments, like hearing of the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

Official White House photographer, Pete Souza shared more than 50 images, alongside others uploaded to the White House Flikr page.

The aforementioned Sandy Hook incident as a terrible day on the job for the president. “This is something that was the worst day of my presidency,” he said on an episode of Meet the Press. “And it’s not something that I want to see repeated.”

Since the shooting spree, Obama has commissioned the help of Vice President Joe Biden, who will head a group aimed at tackling gun violence in America.

Elsewhere in the photo album, the president is seen lovingly embracing a 3-year-old girl, laughing with members of his staff, and greeting U.S. troops at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan.

After cutting his vacation short to deal with the fiscal cliff, the president has returned back to Hawaii to resume his time off.

See some of Obama’s 2012 the photos below.

Photos: Flickr

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