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First things first, despite some L's, Mitt Romney is still a savvy politician. But it was still surprising to many that the current Senator from Utah was out marching with Black Lives Matters protesters yesterday (June 8) in Washington.


The things a man will do for power. Mitt Romney is getting clowned for meeting with Donald Trump and looking like he’d rather be somewhere else.

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Remember Mitt Romney? He had a disastrously sad run for president, but he’s back from political obscurity as the pot calling the kettle black. In this case, “the kettle” is Donald Trump.

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If all you got to do is just walk into Fox’s lobby to get a show, then why haven’t they given one to Stacey Dash yet?!

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The Republican Party is serious about their push to draw support from minority voters. Coming off two back-to-back presidential losses, and the damage done by Mitt Romney’s White House bid, the Republican National Committee revealed yesterday, that they will  in an attempt to diversify the party.

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Mitt Romney has been taking his time getting back into the public eye, making a big step today by addressing conservatives at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference, Friday. Romney addressed the CPAC crowd, thanking his supporters, and spoke on losing out for president.

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Last year, Scott Prouty changed the tide of the presidential election, but no one even knew he was—until now. Prouty is the man who secretly recorded, then presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney segregating 47 percent of voters, whom he said would side with President Obama, regardless of his policies.

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Mitt Romney hasn’t quite reached the level of acceptance when it comes to his failed presidential bid. Having sat down with Fox News for his first post-defeat interview since the November election over the weekend, Romney said that not winning the race for the country’s highest office “kills” him.

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After months of silence, Mitt Romney will give his first television interview since losing the presidential election, last November. Romney chose to speak with Fox News Sunday about his failed campaign, and will give a critique on President Obama’s second term.

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Herman Cain is no stranger to making comments that rile up his opposing side, in fact he’s become quite masterful at it. Today’s installment finds the one-time presidential hopeful calling those who voted for President Obama ignorant.

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Tagg Romney, son of former presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, is potentially gearing up to run for a Senate seat, the Boston Herald reports. Tagg made the decision after Scott Brown passed on the chance to grab the Massachusetts seat.

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Washington D.C. didn’t end up being Mitt Romney’s base for the next four years, but the former presidential hopeful is still returning to the area. Romney will head back to the nation’s capital, Friday (Jan. 25) to attend a luncheon where he and wife, Ann, will be honored.