2012 election

Last year, Scott Prouty changed the tide of the presidential election, but no one even knew he was—until now. Prouty is the man who secretly recorded, then presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney segregating 47 percent of voters, whom he said would side with President Obama, regardless of his policies.

Washington D.C. didn’t end up being Mitt Romney’s base for the next four years, but the former presidential hopeful is still returning to the area. Romney will head back to the nation’s capital, Friday (Jan. 25) to attend a luncheon where he and wife, Ann, will be honored.

Mitt Romney was able to accept defeat in the 2012 presidential election, but he doesn’t need it rubbed in his face. As many around the world tuned in for President Obama’s inauguration this afternoon, Romney wasn’t so interested in taking a look.

As President Obama goes into his second term, the White House has posted a visual timeline of his previous year in office. Starting with New Year’s Day 2012, the images show fun times, such as the president vacationing in Hawaii, to somber moments, like hearing of the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

Mitt Romney can’t win for losing. The two-time failed presidential hopeful, has been voted by GQ magazine as one the “Least Influential” people of 2012. Romney joins a list comprised of “a collection of people so uninspiring that we should round them up and stick the on an iceberg.”

The Salt Lake City Tribune, Utah’s biggest news paper in a heavily Mormon town, has endorsed President Obama in this year’s election, over their “adopted son” Mitt Romney. In an article published Friday (Oct. 19), the Tribune attributes their endorsement of President Obama to Romney being  “the party’s shape-shifting nominee.”

New polls released Thursday (Oct. 18) charting voter probability in this year’s presidential election showed different stats that may confuse some, due to conflicting and often confusing data.  As election day inches closer, voter probability polls conducted across the nation become increasingly important.  For the novice voter, these polls serve as a heat gauge for […]

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been coasting for much of the past week as he enjoys a popularity bump in his aggressive showing in the debate showdown with President Barack Obama last week. Building on that momentum, Romney’s campaign has shifted their attacks on the recent jobs numbers, the sagging economy and government spending. […]

Kendrick Lamar has no intentions of going back on his theory about voting being a waste of time, but he’s encouraging everyone else to make their own decisions. Once the criticism reached its height, Lamar sent out a couple of tweets  telling his nearly 500,000 Twitter fans not to follow in his footsteps. “And when […]

Now that Mitt Romney has announced  Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate, President Obama has honed in on the aspiring vice president’s short comings. Ryan has been criticized for his stance on Medicare which he believes should no longer be offered by the government, but adjusted in the form of a stipend given to […]

Mitt Romney announced his vice presidential running mate, Paul Ryan, over the weekend, and the Wisconsin congressman wasted no time attacking President Obama. Ryan said Saturday (Aug. 11) that the country is in the worst economic situation in 70 years, and blamed the POTUS for it all, stating that he has a “record of failure.”

President Obama has sustained his lead over opponent Mitt Romney in the battlegrounds states, according to a survey conducted by Quinnipiac University, CBS News and the New York Times. The data, which was  released Wednesday (Aug. 1), shows that  the POTUS only has a 6 percent lead over the former governor, grabbing 53 percent of voters in Pennsylvania, […]