Florida Man


Florida is known for all kinds of weird moments and foolery, but yesterday a video of a man capturing an alligator with a trash bin might’ve been the wildest thing we’ve seen from the Sunshine State so far.

It’s a sad state of affairs in the Hip-Hop industry. Another rapper is now involved in a murder plot.


While Dwayne Wade continues to stand up for his LGBTQ son and demonstrate how supportive parents get down, a Florida man reminded the world how horrible someone can be in the same situation. This bozo allegedly abandoned his son on the side of the road after suspecting the child was gay.

Let’s face it, the state of Florida hasn’t had the best of luck in avoiding some of the zaniest news headlines ever produced. A hilarious challenge has been sparked via a Tumblr user involving searching “Florida Man” and a person’s birthday to see what crazy headline pops up.

Yes you read that headline correctly. A man was poked up by someone with no hands in South Beach, Miami.

Remember that video that went viral of a car flying down the highway, with a man on the hood? Well, the woman at the wheel of the whip has been arrested.

Yes you read that correctly. Men need to watch how they talk to their women or get dealt with.

At this point, it’s obvious that “Florida Man” is a real thing. Case in point, a Florida man was arrested after he was found to be hiding cocaine in his hair.