Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean surprised Beats 1 listeners on Friday with a new show called blonded Radio. He also surprised them with a Jay Z interview.


Calvin Harris is apparently a big deal. More importantly—around these parts—is that he dropped “Slide,” his collaboration with Frank Ocean and Migos. 

In case you were unaware, Frank Ocean is no fan of the Grammys. Besides allegedly making sure that his latest project, Blonde, was not considered for an award, the R&B crooner took to Tumblr to slander its entire being. 

Frank Ocean‘s father doesn’t appreciate how his son has been portraying him on Tumblr, so he’s suing.

The physical copy version of Frank Ocean‘s Blonde album shows that he had some help from some high-profile musicians.

Frank Ocean tells The New York Times why Blonde will not be winning any Grammy Awards this year.

Frank Ocean gave C-Span something he hasn’t given any other television channel in a long time, an interview.

Frank Ocean deserves a trophy for the finesse move he made this summer by releasing two albums in two days. But he won’t be getting a Grammy for neither one.

Frank Ocean‘s finesse move is paying off greatly. His independently released Apple Music exclusive album Blonde has hit the top of the Billboard 200 charts and has reportedly made him more than $1 million in one week.

By releasing his new, long-awaited album Blonde independently, Frank Ocean literally changed the game. But, that move could land him in some serious legal trouble.

That Frank Ocean, he’s crafty. Reportedly the Odd Future singer fulfilled his recording contract with Def Jam with the release of his Endless video album—thus making Blonde an independent release. 

Frank Ocean took just over four years to release his follow-up to Channel Orange, his Def Jam debut, over the weekend with the official release of Blonde. Although Ocean’s rabid fanbase is eating up not only the material on Blonde and also the visual album Endless, several people have been left largely unimpressed.