Frank Ocean

Young Thug is one of the new faces of Calvin Klein’s FW16 campaign and agrees that he looks good in a dress.

Frank Ocean‘s new album, Boys Don’t Cry, has been gaining mythical status thanks to it’s long, and to some torturous, delay. The singer just teased that it will finally be released in July, at least we hope so. 

There is currently a rumor floating about that Frank Ocean may be dropping a new album, tomorrow, as in June 3. Needless to say, Twitter and the rest of Internets is currently losing its sh*t with plenty of prayers and “yeah rights.”

Provided that this isn’t the biggest April Fools’ prank ever pulled in music, Beyoncé is dropping a new album this week. Queen Bey’s upcoming release will reportedly debut on TIDAL Friday, April 1.

Word is that Frank Ocean held a listening session in New York City, allegedly. All traces of the intimate gathering have been purged from the Internets—which shouldn’t even really be possible. 

This here music game wouldn’t be anything with competition; friendly or other. Miguel reaffirmed this notion during a recent interview with The Sunday Times where the ‘ol Frank Ocean comparisons came up and he asserted himself as the top artist of the two. (What was he supposed to say?)

Frank Ocean has officially ditched the name he was born with. The Odd Future singer who real name was Christopher Edwin Breaux is now just Frank Ocean. 

Dust off channel ORANGE in anticipation of Frank Ocean’s upcoming sophomore album, which is set to release some time in July.

Frank Ocean has been relatively low key lately, but he’s been booked for a choice gig. The Odd Future crooner will be performing at the annual Met Gala next week.

German graphic designer Zhi-Yun Zhang today blends Hip-Hop and cartoon artistry in his latest series of illustrations, which features caricatures of Kanye West, Drake, Rick Ross and more.

After Frank Ocean cut Chipotle a measly check, he jumped right into the studio to work on his second album.

It seems like Frank Ocean has his finances in order, which allows him to bluster when need be. After being sued by Chipotle Mexican Grill, the Odd Future crooner cut the restaurant chain a check for the money it was seeking along with a message that read “F*CK OFF.”