gangnam style

Master P clearly isn’t into surprises. The No Limit Records founder and rapper was eating lunch with his son Romeo yesterday when a flash mob popped off in front of their table. It was pretty much downhill from there. 

If you thought PSY’s “Gangnam Style” fad was over, well, you are probably correct. However, the most watched video in YouTube history is given new life with an official remix with 2 Chainz and Tyga. 

The Hustla, Cassidy, gets responsible for his new video for his PSY-remix; “Condom Style.“

After the outrage behind his anti-war rhetoric just started to simmer down, this is the last kind of press that Psy needs tied to his “Gangnam Style” single. The dance track led to the death of a man attempting to do the accompanying dance.

Cassidy has been back in the limelight, so to speak, ever since he went to bat for battle rap. 

34-year-old Korean Pop sensation, PSY, over took Justin Bieber as the artist with the most watched video in the history of YouTube with “Gangnam Style.”