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The Hustla, Cassidy, gets responsible for his new video for his PSY-remix; “Condom Style.

For as ridiculous as this record is, the message is still quite clear: strap up or get jacked up. This video is kind of like when Katt Williams talked about not expecting to learn something from somebody.

The statistics on STDs in America, especially among young black youths are pretty staggering. The Philadelphia rapper spits in front of billboards and hops on a truck like a freaky Santa Claus giving away boxes and boxes of love gloves.

Thankfully, Cass decides against doing the actual “Gangnam Style” dance, but not so thankfully he does a little bit of a creepier style of “stroke ’em” dance that might be way worse.

Notably throughout this video is a company called “Icon” condoms that are rumored to be the brand that shelled out the money for this video which is essentially a 3 minute long commercial for their rubbers. Don’t get the message lost on you, strapping up is the way to always be. Like Cassidy says, “going raw is out of the question.”

Hit the jump to check out the video for Cassidy’s new one, “Condom Style.” Stroke the keys down below.

Photo: YouTube