goodie m.O.b.

We speak with Goodie Mob as they touch on their new music, Soul Food’s 25 year anniversary, Verzuz, politics, and their legacy as Atlanta legends.

ATLien and Goodie Mob MC Big Gipp is catching heat after posting his views on the family structure and sexuality.

Make way for veteran rap group Goodie Mob, who delivered a visual for “Amy” from their Age Against The Machine LP. But this is a bit different, as the troop created this in collaboration for Internet-favorite comedy site, Funny or Die.

Goodie Mob have never rapped for the sake of rapping. Rather, their intentions have always been to enlighten and that is clear in their new visual for “Special Education,” featuring Janelle Monáe.

VICE subsidiary Noisey is on a roll today. After unveiling hilarious footage of Action Bronson performing at a retirement home, they follow up with the premiere of Goodie Mob‘s visual for “I’m Set.”

Goodie Mob is back. And that’s no joke. Cee-Lo announced a summer release date for Age Against The Machine yesterday. Less than 24 hours later, we receive a sampling with a high-energy single called “Special Education.”

Goodie Mob’s new jam “Is That You God?” will be featured in the upcoming film The Obama Effect set to hit select cities July 13. Listen and download after the click.