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ATLien and Goodie Mob MC Big Gipp is catching heat after posting his views on the family structure and sexuality.

On Friday (Dec. 27), Big Gipp took to Instagram to show his support of a proposed “Heterosexual Pride Month.” The image features a heterosexual family with the couple shielding the child from a rainbow with a caption pointing out that no matter what a person identifies as, we all come from a man and a woman.

“With The Total Push of Other Ways Of Living…Let’s All Please Remember We All Come From This Right Here,” Gipp wrote on Instagram. “No Disrespect 2 No One But Let’s Push This More N 2020.”

While Gipp captioned the photo that he meant “no disrespect”, the image still had many fans taken aback, with many calling the post insensitive to those in the LBGTQ community.

“This like when white folk try and throw the race card,” one user wrote in the comments.

While he received some backlash, there were also an onslaught of followers who supported Big Gipp’s stance noting that loving his heterosexual identity isn’t bashing those who aren’t. Veteran New York DJ, DJ Kay Slay, weighed in on the subject, calling out those dragging Big Gipp for being intolerant.

”I see a lot of HETEROSEXUAL BASHING going in within this post🤷🏾‍♂️ I wonder if that’s a crime also ? 😩,” DJ Kay Slay commented.

While Big Gipp has yet to respond to backlash or further clarify his post, that’s not stopping Black Twitter users on both sides from sharing their opinions regarding the post. With some championing the “Stepping Out” rapper as being real, while others are condemning him for causing further division within the Black community by attempting to exclude those who identify as LBGTQ.

Although many are coming forward to show their support of Big Gipp’s message, a quick view of the trending topic on Twitter will give you an understanding of why many feel it’s an “All Lives Matter” move. From being called out of their names, to derogatory terms, those who seemingly support the “heterosexual pride” are doing so by doing what has always been done to minorities—bash them. From calling for boycotts of celebrities against the idea of setting aside a month for straight people, to negatively bashing homosexuals, the feelings being conveyed are exactly why PRIDE month is a big deal for those of that community.

It’s evident that entitlement is still rampant and Black people are just as guilty as our own oppressors when it comes to it—especially when it involves tolerance. Anyone in their right mind can see that what many are labeling as an “agenda”is really just simply representation. At a time when young men and women are still being murdered for their orientation, are we going to really act as if straight people are really facing obstacles for being straight? Better yet, are straight children being kicked out of their homes for being straight, or bullied to the point of suicide? Those are the issues that the LBGTQ community face on a daily basis, so to have a month, week, day or even year where they choose to celebrate their strength, is none of our heterosexual business; as one user points out.

“Well, pride month is about people who have been persecuted for being different, so I don’t think heterosexuals can lay claim to being persecuted for that reason,” the user wrote. “I would urge you to reconsider this, as I’m sure that there are truly marginalized people who support you and your music.”

Overall, I am hoping that 2020 will bring a resurgence of folks learning to stay in their lane, instead of focusing on who or what I allow in mine.