Big Gipp feels a way about the recent GOAT rappers list. So much so that he thinks 2Pac would have landed Beyoncé if he were alive. 


ATLien and Goodie Mob MC Big Gipp is catching heat after posting his views on the family structure and sexuality.

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Fresh off the heels of their new Netflix documentary The Art of Organized Noize, legendary production team Organized Noize engaged with fans during a live #AskOrganizedNoize Twitter Music Q&A session Monday night.

The 2014 Wrap Up: Hip-Hop Wired’s Top 10 Videos Of The Week entries are almost exhausted but there is still plenty of engaging motion pictures being made for your enjoyment.

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“This is really a gift for the fans that have been down with me and Dungeon Family for over 20 years. I’ve never given away free music before so if anytime is a good time, it’s now. I’m trying to show people that this is an art form. There’s a way to [create music] whether […]

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Hailing from Atlanta, Big Gipp is well versed on women with shapely posteriors. That said, the veteran wordsmith returns with his new track “Damn That Booty Big.”

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The news of the Outkast reunion just keeps getting bigger and better. Not only are André 3000 and Big Boi headlining the very first night of Coachella, they’re also releasing a brand spankin’ new album and doing a year’s worth of shows.

The legendary Goodie M.O.B. brought Atlanta to a standstill September 19 during their reunion concert. As previously reported the Southern Hip-Hop analysts rocked the crowd with their classic hits and brought back the true essence of Southern hip-hop. Now the rest of the country will get a taste of what they missed when the legends […]

Atlanta hip-hop royalty is back, at least for one night. Fans of the legendary Goodie M.O.b will have one chance and one chance only to see Cee-Lo, Khujo Goodie, T-Mo Goodie and Big Gipp back in action. They recently announced plans for their “Remember Atlanta” concert which will also feature other un-named Dungeon family members. […]