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“This is really a gift for the fans that have been down with me and Dungeon Family for over 20 years. I’ve never given away free music before so if anytime is a good time, it’s now. I’m trying to show people that this is an art form. There’s a way to [create music] whether it’s for a mixtape or an album.” – Big Gipp

There has been a lot of music to drop from an Atlanta this year without any real musicianship behind it. Allow Big Gipp; the mutant mindframe poetical member of the Goodie Mob to change that with his debut mixtape, Mr. Get Down.

The veteran MC enjoys his independence and a newfound resurgence on playful tracks like “Peach Soda” (with 2 Chainz), “Damn That Booty Big” and “Enterprise” but still shows why he’s been one of the most poignant voices down south on the soul-bearing “Can’t Blame Me” and “Paradise Life.”

Listen and download Mr. Get Down for a crash course in how O.G.’s can successfully reinvent themselves without compromising who they are.

Photo: Instagram/Big Gipp