Ben Carson‘s rise in the polls over his rivals in vying for the Republican Party‘s presidential nomination has been astounding despite what some might call some very public missteps. The neurosurgeon is still navigating around his questionable remarks over Muslims and Islam, yet he reserved kind words for Kanye West‘s presidential hopes as well.

Ta-Nehisi Coates has emerged as one of the leading minds when it comes to the topic of race matters in America, and the author has touched upon those themes in his best-selling book, Between the World and Me. Appearing on MSNBC Monday (Sept. 21) night from Paris, Coates had some choice words for conservatives and […]

In the stacked list of Republican Party hopefuls vying for the nomination to represent the GOP in the 2016 presidential race, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker looked to be a top choice. Walker dropped out of the race Monday but considering the frontrunners and his poor numbers, he won’t necessarily be missed.

President Barack Obama had stern words for GOP members of the U.S. Senate after that group sent a letter to Iran’s leaders regarding the potential scrapping of a nuclear deal. Mr. Obama ripped the action in a political fashion while Vice President Joe Biden used more pointed language.

Ben Carson is not only a favorite talking head of the GOP—and a Black man at that—but he’s also a former neurosurgeon. His recent commentary on homosexuality might make you question how smart you have to be to perform surgery on human brains, though. 

Even the most casual of voters is likely aware that the Republican Grand Old Party is struggling to identify with the ever-growing younger generation. In efforts to raise awareness for their political stances (and humanize their stereotypes), they launched a #IAmRepublican campaign across social media and an accompanying video. Of course, the majority of voters […]

Last week, a Twitter exchange between senior editor Jamilah Lemieux and Republican National Committee spokesman Raphael “Raffi” Williams took a bad turn. Lemieux sparked the ire of the RNC and Black conservatives by calling Williams a White man, prompting Ebony magazine’s online arm to apologize to Williams.

After President Barack Obama‘s State Of The Union address last night (January 28), things got a little tense between a reporter and a Republican congressman. Rep. Michael Grimm of New York threatened to throw the newsman over a balcony after being asked about a federal investigation.

December 1, 1955 marked a historical turning point in American Civil Rights history. On that winter day in Montgomery, AL, Rosa Parks became a symbolic figure for the movement when she refused to give up her seat to white passengers as fatigue from a long work day had set in.

Republican Rep. Trey Radel, newly elected to office last November, is taking a page out of disgraced Canada mayor Rob Ford‘s coke buying book. The junior congressman from Florida pleaded guilty today (Nov. 20) in court after he was busted buying powder in Washington last month.

Although there are rumblings in Washington that Republican senator and Tea Party proponent Ted Cruz is aiming his sights towards a bid for the White House in 2016, he may have to do some damage control first. Cruz’s father landed on the national radar after video surfaced of him publicly stating that Blacks are “uniformed” and […]

President Barack Obama‘s administration has been tangling with critics over technical issues that has plagued the website and hampered the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act. After Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius faced a House committee yesterday (Oct. 30), a spokesperson says that experts from Google, Red Hat and Oracle are working […]