A new website called “Republicans for Rape” is using humor to tackle an issue that is no laughing matter. Responding to the hoopla surrounding Senator Al Franken’s “anti-rape” amendment in the senate defense bill, the GOP backed sight uses parody to make light of the serious instances of sexual assault and rape that are found […]

Republican hopefuls looking for a victory in Milwaukee’s gubernatorial race are seeing their dreams spiral down the toilet…literally! In a politically savvy move, Wisconsin’s Democratic Party has turned to the internet in an honest-hearted effort to thwart any potential GOP uprising by publicly noting all the GOP’s failures within the state, most notably, an obvious […]

Independents everywhere, including myself, have had the privilege of watching several big wigs in the two major political parties suffer humiliating professional and personal defeats due largely to their sheer ineptitude, greed, and smugness. One such figure, Michael Steele, is feeling the heat after members from within the Grand Ol’ Party (GOP) have called for […]

In a non-startling display of party operating policy, the Dallas County GOP has officially claimed defeat in their pursuit of Black constituents, leaving local party leaders and organizations to the political wolves. Calvin Stephens, chairman of the beleaguered party’s Dallas chapter, has acknowledged the organization’s demise. “It kind of dissipated,” remarked Stephens. “The enthusiasm we […]

For several years, the Republican Party has asserted that they are they party of the people, offering less than insurmountable evidence of the claim with every opportunity given. Their latest testament to the cause, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, is a shining example of the beleaguered political faction’s attempt at affirmative action but can […]

One day and three apologies later, Republican Congressman Joe Wilson has raised “more than $200,000” as a result of his now-popularized “you lie” outburst, confirms a campaign aide. The sudden burst of cash donations comes in response to his Web video in which he requested campaign cash to help support his crusade against the proposed […]

A political “Clash of the Titans” is being waged within the Republican party; battles are being fought that place members of the Grand Old Party against none other than themselves in fights centered around a myriad of topics. So-called “Rush Limbaugh” Republicans are waging war against their common sense-minded colleagues, dubbed “Colin Powell” Republicans, often […]