The Hip-Hop community has just gotten a better understanding of one of the most unique Rap releases of all time. The government has released photos of Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon A Time In Shaolin.

Patton will be unable to work for the federal government for two years after violating the Hatch Act.

While Cardi B lives a life most would kill for she is still as regular shmegular as everyone else. She has concerns about America’s safety and is considering busting a move to the mother land.

The U.S. Senate floor was abuzz with action all Friday night (Jan. 19) as lawmakers scrambled to get votes to extend the funding and keep the federal government operational. When the clock struck midnight and moving into Saturday on the East Coast, the federal government was officially shut down with both sides pointing fingers of […]

As former prisoners and other individuals with a criminal history face struggles in applying for jobs, many employers might pause at their past record when hiring. President Barack Obama has announced a series of measures that will assist former prisoners as they continue to integrate back into society, along with asking federal employers to delay […]

Swizz Beatz has developed into quite an entrepreneur. Despite enduring a busy personal life which includes being a painter and collector, a car enthusiast, and being a father to 4 kids (by 4 different women), Mr. Keys has been one of the most sought out producers this decade. With endorsements from Reebok and Lotus car […]

The case between census workers and residents has reached a peak in the state of Hawaii.  In an attempt to get a resident to fill out a cenus form, census worker Russell Haas was arrested. The case has made it to federal court and is the latest example of conflicts between census workers and residents […]

In a tragic event as a result of retaliation, the family of a Navy sailor was executed earlier today. Taking place near Mexico City, more than a dozen hit men rushed into the home of the family and murdered the mother, sister, and aunt of Melquisedet Angulo Cordova while two of his brothers were badly […]

Already having his fair share of issues with the law, things have taken a turn for the worse for Wu Tang staple, Method Man. Meth was arrested today by New York police for tax evasion. According to WABC New York, the rapper owes the government