As highlighted in Moguldum Studios’ Gunland documentary, the gun and gang violence that has gripped the Chicago streets continues to play out as a harrowing tale of despair. Although Mayor Rahm Emanuel and top officials have promised to slow the carnage, victims of gun violence continue to mount at high numbers.

Moguldum Studios‘ Gunland documentary was released on April 8, which takes a look at Chicago‘s gun violence epidemic. Coupled with the glorification of gang culture by rappers such as Chief Keef and Lil’ Durk, the unknown amount of illegal guns that blanket the city stands as a sobering reminder of how dire the circumstances are.

Moguldom Studios is getting ready to let loose their second documentary Gunland, a film that sheds light on Chicago’s vicious gun violence epidemic, beyond the headlines.

Chicago is the new murder capital of the United States. It’s not a title to be proud of, and it’s an unfortunate example of how out of control the gun problem in the Windy City has become. GUNLAND, an in the works documentary by Moguldom Films, will shine a light on the gun violence plaguing Chicago, […]