Moguldum StudiosGunland documentary was released on April 8, which takes a look at Chicago‘s gun violence epidemic. Coupled with the glorification of gang culture by rappers such as Chief Keef and Lil’ Durk, the unknown amount of illegal guns that blanket the city stands as a sobering reminder of how dire the circumstances are.

The massive seizure of illegal guns across the various neighborhoods in the city show no signs of slowing down, making Chicago a literal war zone. With 1,500 guns already taken off the streets in the first 15 weeks of 2014, the final tally will be staggering no matter the number. Last year 6,813 guns were taken off the streets, which was down from 7,400 in 2012.

Hip-Hop Wired takes a look at nine cases of illegal guns across the various neighborhoods of Chicago on the following pages.

Be sure to watch and cop Gunland right here.

Photos: Chicago PD

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