While many of Future‘s fans are celebrating the rapper’s supposed coup in suing the alleged mother of one of his children, his eldest son potentially faces serious time behind bars. Jakobi Wilburn was arrested in January in relation to charges stemming from illegal gun possession and gang activity.


Lil Wayne might be looking at some time in front of a judge in the coming weeks, this after his private plane was flagged by the authorities in Miami. Upon arriving in Florida, guns and cocaine were found on the Young Money Records honcho’s plane.


Demi Lovato‘s ongoing ordeal regarding her recent drug overdose has been connected to a man who was arrested for drugs and guns earlier this year. The man was allegedly at the singer’s home and used drugs with her, which led to her medical emergency.


A group of former NYPD officers is facing charges of taking high-end bribes to speed up the process for approving gun licenses in the city. The retired officers, along with an assistant district attorney, accepted such gifts as prostitutes, trips to Mexico, meals and other gifts from their clientele.

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Donald Trump‘s shocking presidential win is still being processed on both sides of the aisle and across the nation, but there’s a group of people preparing for the rise in white racist thugs trying to flex. According to a new report, gun sales among Black people and other minority groups has spiked recently after recent […]

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Chris Brown is at one with the struggle once again, this after police arrived at his home after a woman claimed in a 911 call that he pulled a gun on her. Breezy went on a wild rant on Instagram as the Los Angeles Police Department continues to wait for a search warrant outside his […]


Nobody would accuse your standard gang member of being a Rhodes Scholar, but sometimes their actions would make one think otherwise. A group of gang members from New Jersey have been accused of allegedly selling guns via Twitter, and some of the weapons were being sold by teens to other teens for planned violent crimes.


Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old white man accused of killing nine people in a Charleston, S.C. church, shouldn’t have been allowed to purchase the gun he used in the crime. According to the FBI, Roof was able to slip past a criminal background check due to a loophole in the system and obtained the .45-caliber handgun.


Chief Keef has long embraced that he will forever be a lost child of the struggle. Still, drama seems to find him every step of the way and when his legal team openly admits he was present at the time of a shooting, you know that said struggle is authentic.

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Fourteen years ago, Big Pun passed away but his legacy still lives on. Not only for being one of the most lyrically gifted rappers ever, but for also for being the guy he claimed he was on his records.

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Gucci Mane clearly needs help. The Atlanta rapper was arrested last night (12:05 a.m. on Sept. 14) for barking on police when he happened to be in possession of some weed and a concealed weapon. Not exactly the type of items a convicted felon should have on their person.

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A couple of weeks ago, 2 Chainz was arrested after his tour bus was in a standoff with authorities in Oklahoma City. Details are emerging about what cops found on the bus; a cache of weapons that included two handguns (too easy) and a plethora of drug paraphernalia.