One of the most horrific pieces of footage from 2021 is also serving as a glimmer of hope. Humanitarians have joined together to support an unfortunate victim.


Chris Brown is the master of pulling a “tweet and delete” and it looks like the singer has struck again. Brown learned the hard way that shooting from the hip in response to his critics isn’t always a good thing, so when he tweeted the haters who don’t like the fact that he performed at […]

Most rappers coming up in the game, and even those established already have particular pinnacles that they would like to reach in regards to collaborations.  For some, the idea of recording with Jay-Z is a high point that certain artists strive for. For Young Money’s Drake, not only has he been able to receive the […]


Megan Williams captured the sympathies of a nation after she was rescued from the clutches of at least six abductors, whom according to her account, viciously tortured and sexually assaulted her in a shack. Now, nearly 2 years later, Williams has come back to the media to reveal a detail about her ordeal that will […]

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Racism was once the only ideological mechanism that was thought to power the illogical and inconceivable hate displayed toward President Obama. Recently that method of thinking has been debunked by a pair of Democratic researchers, whom offer a more sinister, silly explanation of what drives right wing nut jobs. Stan Greenberg conducted a study into […]