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Most rappers coming up in the game, and even those established already have particular pinnacles that they would like to reach in regards to collaborations.  For some, the idea of recording with Jay-Z is a high point that certain artists strive for.

For Young Money’s Drake, not only has he been able to receive the co-sign from Jay, he now has two official studio recordings under his belt with The Blueprint III and now his own debut Thank Me Later on the track “Light Up” which he states is officially done.

Assuming that the rapper was unsatisfied with his contributions on “Off That” the young sensation ensured that he would actually have the chance to trade verses with Jigga, almost as though he felt he was up to the challenge.

Speaking with MTV, Drake stated the feeling that came over him once his producer, 40, dropped the track for him.

“When I heard that beat, the drums that they had come up with, it was like, ‘Man, this is a moment.  This sounds like where I’m at in my life.’”

He also described the song in one word: Phenomenal.

Stating that the two give 32 bars, the track is somewhat of a reflection from the rapper as he talks about where he believes his is right now in his career, while Jay comes to tell him where he is.  Somewhat like the wise man guiding the young and gifted in the correct path.

Unbeknownst to some, Drake added that he actually had a verse with Kanye West and Jay on “Hate”, but it was eventually dropped when the final version came out.  Oh, man…SO sorry that we all had to miss out on that.

Trying to put his best foot forward, he has enlisted Lil Wayne and West for the debut, but insists that it will not be overly saturated with guest appearances so that he can stick to his beginnings.  He created his buzz by himself, so there is no reason why he can’t stand on his own for his first steps.

March 30 people, be on the look out to see if Drake can truly make history.