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Racism was once the only ideological mechanism that was thought to power the illogical and inconceivable hate displayed toward President Obama.

Recently that method of thinking has been debunked by a pair of Democratic researchers, whom offer a more sinister, silly explanation of what drives right wing nut jobs.

Stan Greenberg conducted a study into the collective, hive-like mind of conservative America, finding that racism is played little to no part in their campaign to President Obama and the Democrats on Capitol Hill fail in their effort to rejuvenate our economically and socially wounded nation.

Instead the group, that largely cited Fox News as being the “personality” that spoke for the Republican Party, is driven by a belief that the nation’s first Black President has a “secret agenda” meant to propel the nation into a future guided by socialism-based principles.

“If there was any kind of a racial element, we though we’d pick up on it, explained James Carville, legendary Democratic strategist and political commentator.

Citing his meager start as a community organizer, the group felt that President Obama must have been propelled to success by “secret forces,” with all acknowledging that the idea has validity in that fact that he came “from nowhere.”

The study featured a sizeable amount of the population with almost one in five voters, nearly tow-thirds, identifying themselves as Republicans.

Either way you look it, these people are still morons! A secret plot??? That is the kind of thinking that allowed the murder of countless Jews in World War II Germany at the hands of Hitler and his Nazi regime.

Barack Hussein Obama is the President of the United States of America; he is the President of ALL, not the President of some.

Do these people honestly think that George W. Bush, with the intellect of an acorn in July, actually achieved the most powerful position in the world without outside interference? Did he not blatantly cheat in 2001? Was he not behind the “Swiftboat” attack on John Kerry in 2004???

When you think about those two “miraculous” incidents, as yourself, is race honestly not the issue behind the anger surrounding President Obama?

I think another survey is in order. . .