On Tuesday, the trending topic #ParlerHacked went wide with folks on Twitter blasting the alleged incident although the founder claims none of the rumors are true

During a Friday night debate event, Sen. Graham said that Black residents and immigrants can "go anywhere" in the state as long as their political ideologies shift towards being conservative.

It has only been a couple of days since the release of Cardi B’s controversial single and people are still very mad. One analyst got gathered together personally by the Bronx bombshell.

Jamie Riley was barely settled into his role as the Dean of Students at the University of Alabama when Breitbart News decided to unearth some old yet accurate tweets. Although the tweets were published years before Riley’s tenure began some six months ago, he has decided to resign all the same no doubt due to […]

Tucker Carlson enjoys a high profile platform as a host for Fox News and during a live broadcast, he made a statement that has turned heads. According to the conservative pundit’s observation, white supremacy is a “hoax” and that news surrounding its rise despite mounting evidence is nothing more than a tactic to divide the […]

President Donald Trump has a cast of tap-dancing, boot-licking Black conservatives on his side, and one of the more prominent of them is Kanye West’s buddy, Candace Owens. Owens was a guest on MSNBC’s The Beat With Ari Melber opposite Professor Michael Eric Dyson and had an epic meltdown while defending her right to be […]

Candace Owens, the latest in Negro shoe shufflers that the right is pawning off to the American public, caught the eye of Kanye West during his recent revelations that he’s a supporter of President Donald Trump. It appears that Owens’ rising star amongst conservative media figures has a bit of tarnish after it has come […]

Kanye West‘s return to Twitter was celebrated by fans who missed his presence online, but now some of those same supporters are probably hoping he’ll go away again. After tweeting out Saturday a supportive message for conservative pundit Candace Owens,  Black Twitter has been raging to the point Owens’ name began trending.

President Donald Trump retweeted a series of videos crafted by a British far-right group that depicted anti-Muslim sentiment and violence.

After video of Malia Obama smoking surfaced online and causing conservative pundit outrage, Black Twitter reacted in kind.

Scottie Nell Hughes, a pundit who frequents CNN and is a supporter of Donald Trump, appeared on the network this past Sunday and engaged in an interesting war of words. Hughes supported Trump calling Hillary Clinton a bigot for her criticism of extreme-right conservatives and their divisive political stances.

It has been well documented that Stacey Dash has morphed from one of the most beautiful women on the planet into a conservative buffoon incapable of making good sense. Dash added to her fall from grace with a recent visit to Entertainment Tonight in where she says transgender people should use the bathroom in the […]