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Citing Rising Cost Of Ingredients, Hershey's Raises Prices 8 Percent

Source: Scott Olson / Getty / Hershey’s

First, they were mad at M&M’s for making Maya Rudolph its spokesperson. Now, they have set their crosshairs on Hershey’s.

There are a bunch of sour people on the internet now after Hershey’s Canada announced that Fae Johnstone, a trans woman, would be one of five women to be featured in Hershey’s Canada’s International Women’s Day campaign.

Hershey’s Canada rolled out its Her For She campaign on Wednesday, which features limited edition wrappers with the likenesses of five Canadian women, including Johnstone.

Johnstone is an award-winning trans activist and a professional LGBTQ+ advocate. When speaking about her involvement in the campaign, she said, “I hope this campaign helps give more young women and girls role models and possibility models.”

Immediately bitter conservatives lost their collective marbles, and #BoycottHershey began to trend on Elon Musk’s Twitter. “How does it honor women to feature a MAN wearing lipstick? Did you feature a white man in blackface during Black History month?,” one Twitter user stupidly wrote.

“Hershey’s celebrates #InternationalWomansDay featuring a biological male You can’t make this shit up #BoycottHersheys,” another MAGA clown wrote. 

These people are genuinely not okay.

But, for every person showing expressing blatant transphobia, there was someone to defend Hershey’s for standing in solidarity with Trans women.

“It’s sad that #BoycottHersheys is trending because of transphobia. I think we’re going to see conservatives start lashing out more at gay marriage as well. This is not OK,” another Twitter user wrote. 

The right is dug in deep on identity politics. You don’t have to look further than U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who constantly spews hateful rhetoric daily toward the Trans community.

You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Scott Olson / Getty

1. The dog whistling is getting very loud.

2. Exactly

3. LOL, no one is erasing women

4. That’s fine more chocolate for us to enjoy.

5. L M A O, these people need help.

6. There are four other women in the campaign though

7. She sure told them.


9. YUP