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Candace Owens Michael Eric Dyson MSNBC Race Debate

Source: MSNBC / screen cap

President Donald Trump has a cast of tap-dancing, boot-licking Black conservatives on his side, and one of the more prominent of them is Kanye West’s buddy, Candace Owens. Owens was a guest on MSNBC’s The Beat With Ari Melber opposite Professor Michael Eric Dyson and had an epic meltdown while defending her right to be a conservative coon.

Ahead of the show, Melber tweeted out he would have Dyson and Owens on the show to discuss some of Trump’s statements over the years on race and politics, giving way to an explosive debate as the pair stand on firm on their political views. During a moment in the segment when Dyson spoke to the political concerns and climate as it relates to Black Americans, Owens used that time to fire off a series of wide-eyed missives while touting that the fact she’s a Black conservative is why she’s a target of Democrats and liberals.

Trying to capture quotes would prove to be difficult so if you can spare the time and brain cells, watch the entire 11-minute segment below. We don’t know the type of happy lettuce Owens has been smoking, but she might need to let it go so she can see Black people are not exactly thriving under a president who willfully expresses divisive and questionably racist thoughts.

Photo: MSNBC/Screen Cap