Whether it is his lyrical style, making button-up shirts a thing or inspiring us all to boss up, JAY-Z’s impact can’t be denied. A new written work about the MC’s affect on the globe is in progress.


President Donald Trump has a cast of tap-dancing, boot-licking Black conservatives on his side, and one of the more prominent of them is Kanye West’s buddy, Candace Owens. Owens was a guest on MSNBC’s The Beat With Ari Melber opposite Professor Michael Eric Dyson and had an epic meltdown while defending her right to be […]

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Every racist has at least one Stockholm Syndrome suffering, sunken place dweller ready to forgive their unfathomable actions. Case in point, Brunell Donald-Kyei, a Black woman, was riding hard for Cheeto Trump on CNN, even calling fellow guest Michael Eric Dyson a race baiter. 

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Michael Eric Dyson is that man you need to listen to. Not only because of his keen intellect on sociology and history but because he’s also extremely entertaining and well versed in the culture.

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Brandon “Lil B” McCartney spent his 26th birthday on Monday (Aug. 17) discussing politics, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, the Black Lives Matter movement and more on MSNBC. The Based God sat with host Michael Eric Dyson and dished out more of his random viewpoints.


The acutely-worded beef between Michael Eric Dyson and Cornel West has taken another turn. West responded to Dyson’s very public critique with a statement of his own on Facebook today (April 23), but he mostly used subliminals.


Sunday night, social media was ablaze after a scathing editorial piece from Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson critiquing his former mentor and friend, Cornel West, went public. The aftermath of the sharp words Dyson aimed towards West is still unfolding, as supporters of both men have spoken up in droves.

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Some didn’t think Hip-Hop would last 20 years, or that the culture would let alone be able to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nas’ classic debut Illmatic. The Queensbridge rapper discussed about the album with professor Michael Eric Dyson at Georgetown University.

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The 50th anniversary of the 1963 “March On Washington” took place Wednesday (August 28) and despite wet weather conditions, the star-studded event drew thousands. With President Barack Obama delivering the anchoring speech, he and other guests delivered a message of togetherness and hope.

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College professor, scholar and academic Michael Eric Dyson interviewed Nas on MSNBC’s The Ed Show and had a wide ranging discussion on topics like Barack Obama’s job performance, politics rap lyricism and musical longevity. As far as how Nas been able to stay on point despite his debut album, Illmatic, being released almost 20 years ago, […]

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A couple of weeks back, a controversial YouTube and Google+ live stream took place where the culture of Hip-Hop was figuratively put on trial. Artists like Slaughterhouse, Questlove, Q-Tip, KRS-One  and more became visibly frustrated discussing issues with people obviously out of touch with the genre and the youth as a whole. So on this […]

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Rev. Jesse Jackson, Q-Tip, Questlove, Michael Eric Dyson, KRS-ONE, Touré, Dream Hampton, Slaughterhouse, and more are a part of a live stream from London’s Barbican Centre. The audience and panelists of artists, thinkers, and more put Hip-Hop on trial on numerous social ideals. In Progress.