Lil B

Lil B

Looks like Lil B’s taken a break from throwing Based God hexes on NBA players to make some actual music again.

Lil B caught a stray shot from former NBA bruiser Kenyon Martin, declaring the so-called “BasedGods Curse” and the Bay Area rapper’s opinion on basketball irrelevant. The Based God caught wind of Martin’s comments and challenged him to a game of 1-on-1 hoops.

It’s 2018 and already, several people and entities are experiencing the wrath of Lil B‘s “BasedGods Curse” but one Los Angeles Lakers player was spared. Kyle Kuzma was on the enigmatic Bay Area rapper’s curse list but his teammate Jordan Clarkson was able to negotiate a deal on his behalf.

Lil B, the inventor of the “Cooking Dance” among other curses and blessings from the BasedGod side of things, will now add the title of television host to his duties. The Bay Area rapper will star in his own cooking show titled, Food Makes Me Happy With Lil B, which debuts today (Dec. 9) on […]

Lil B believes that his "BasedGod" blessing has given way to the Boston Celtics to sit at the top of the NBA's Eastern Conference standings.

Post Malone sat down with The Dana Cortez show and spoke on his side of things regarding the Twitter attacks from Lil B, which he said confused him.

The entire Based World massive was calling for a curse on A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie after he and fellow crew members put their hands on Lil B The Based God. Although the Bay Area rapper immediately called for peace while the wolves circled, it appeared the two rappers hopped on the jack to hash […]

Lil B revealed the posts with Vice's Motherboard site that the social media network say violated hate speech policies and led to his 30-day ban.

Lil B went on a Twitter tirade last Friday (Oct. 6) and took shots at Post Malone's music, but claims it was all part of a joke in an apology.

Lil B has unleashed the "Based God Curse" upon the former pro baller Kenyon Martin over his comments about Asian-American guard Jeremy Lin's dreadlocks

Lil B made an offer to give free of charges verses to musicians affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston and abroad, sparking some interest naturally.

For the past hot minute Lil B’s been making more noise for throwing out curses than for throwing out music. But today the Bay Area Based God dropped the 27-cut deep Black Ken mixtape and couldn’t be more proud of his latest offering.