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Lil B is a man of hidden talents apparently, one of them being his mastery of all things related to the National Basketball Association. By way of his “BasedGod” blessing, the Bay Area rapper believes he’s the reason why the Boston Celtics are sitting atop the league’s Eastern Conference standings.

“REMEMBER WHEN LIL B SAID BEFORE THIS NBA SEASON STARTED THAT THE NBA BOSTON CELTICS HAVE ” THE BASEDGODS” BLESSING… LOOK AT THEM NOW NUMBER 1 RECORD IN THE NBA – Lil B,” wrote the enigmatic artist via Twitter early Monday (Dec. 4) morning. Given the fanfare surrounding the BasedGod’s random musings online, his loyal supporters added their adoration and support of the rapping basketball guru.

And it appears the Memphis Grizzlies are hoping to get some of the blessing love, so keep close watch of the standings in the West.

We’ve collected some of our favorite responses to Lil B stating that his “BasedGod” blessing is the reason why the Boston Celtics are at the top of the Eastern Conference standings below and on the following pages.


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