Lil B, the inventor of the “Cooking Dance” among other curses and blessings from the BasedGod side of things, will now add the title of television host to his duties. The Bay Area rapper will star in his own cooking show titled, Food Makes Me Happy With Lil B, which debuts today (Dec. 9) on […]

Lil B believes that his "BasedGod" blessing has given way to the Boston Celtics to sit at the top of the NBA's Eastern Conference standings.

In just 11 games into the 2015-2016 regular season, the Houston Rockets have decided to give their four-year coach, NBA legend Kevin McHale his walking papers. Such a drastic personnel change could be attributed to a number of factors such as their terrible 5-7 start, Harden’s unfocused play or even a move that was inevitable […]

After his disappointing Western Conference Finals, James Harden had the opportunity to confess his sins to the Basedgod and repent for a possible outcome in NBA Playoffs future.

Whether you believe it’s trolling or not, Lil B’s so-called Basedgod Curse coincidentally keeps getting credibility. As Kevin Durant hobbled around Hollywood with a sarcophagus on his leg, James Harden was seeing his almost-MVP season turn to complete waste during the Western Conference Finals.

The song “Based” is set to appear on Tony Yayo’s upcoming mixtape GPG3 mixtape, and featured the “Based God.” Do you think Lil B and Yayo make a good pair? Check it out and peep more hot new videos here:   [More]