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Whether you believe it’s trolling or not, Lil B’s so-called Basedgod Curse coincidentally keeps getting credibility. As Kevin Durant hobbled around Hollywood with a sarcophagus on his leg, James Harden was seeing his almost-MVP season turn to complete waste during the Western Conference Finals.

The usually potent Houston Rockets star tallied up a NBA record 13 turnovers for a playoff game as his team fell to the championship-bound Golden State Warriors.

Of course, it’s hard to overlook the social media cyclone the Bay Area rapper caused when he called out Harden for not crediting his “cooking dance” during his in-game celebrations.

Now that Harden has taken his interview of shame, looking rather distraught and homely, Lil B is showing mercy and allowing the superstar to resume his career.

“James harden had 13 turnovers for record in NBA, he did not pay Lil B cooking dance homage that’s the same number as his jersey,” he gloated on Twitter before going on to say, “I’m going to ask ” The BasedGod ” to lift the curse off James harden i think he gets it, world record for turnovers ? Leave him alone – Lil B.”

Harden never acknowledged the Basedgod Curse during the entire series but it’s probable that he will find a new trademark celebration next season.

Expect Lil B to keep things “interested” going into the NBA Finals next week. He recently appeared on TMZ to express his disapproval for the Cleveland Cavaliers also donning their imaginary chef aprons.

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