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Every racist has at least one Stockholm Syndrome suffering, sunken place dweller ready to forgive their unfathomable actions. Case in point, Brunell Donald-Kyei, a Black woman, was riding hard for Cheeto Trump on CNN, even calling fellow guest Michael Eric Dyson a race baiter. 

The entire segment, which was supposed to be about whether or not Trump is unifying the country and conducted by CNN’s Poppy Harlow, featured more of Donald-Kyei’s yelling than anything.

Reports Raw Story:

Moderating the panel that included academic Michael Eric Dyson and Brunell Donald-Kyei, Harlow quickly lost control as Donald-Kyei went on a lengthy and seemingly endless rant about the popularity of President Trump while defending his comments about Charlottesville that have most conservatives cringing.

Along the way, the outreach official blamed Democrats for inciting racial violence which baffled both the CNN host and Dyson — who were unable to get a word in sideways.

At one point, as Donald-Kyei attacked the counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Harlow pulled her up and asked, “Brunell, who killed Heather Heyer?”

“Yeah, somebody died,” Donald-Kyei replied.

It only got worse from there.

As one moment, Donald-Kyie yelled that Trump was not a racist. Also, she believes Democrats only start calling Cheeto a racist after he won the election.

Clearly, Donald-Kyie is living in the land of alternative facts.

Props to Michael Eric Dyson for “dropping bombs” without having to outyell the coon. Yeah, we said it.

Watch for yourself below.

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