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Tucker Carlson enjoys a high profile platform as a host for Fox News and during a live broadcast, he made a statement that has turned heads. According to the conservative pundit’s observation, white supremacy is a “hoax” and that news surrounding its rise despite mounting evidence is nothing more than a tactic to divide the nation.

“This is a hoax, just like the Russian hoax,” Carlson shared with his viewers on Tuesday. “It’s a conspiracy theory used to divide the country and keep a hold on power.”

He added, “If you were to assemble a list, a hierarchy of concerns, of problems this country faces, where would white supremacy be on the list? Right up there with Russia, probably. The combined membership of every white supremacist organization in this country would be able to fit inside a college football stadium.”


Carlson trivializing the tragedies that occurred in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio while failing to link their racial implications is dangerous considering the level of influence he and others of his ilk, such as President Donald Trump, wield over their adoring flock. In response, a #FireTuckerCarlson hashtag has since cropped up but it’s doubtful that it’ll have any true effect.

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