The culture might have to rethink its adoration of Chick-fil-A. The brand is under fire for seemingly referencing Black people in a tweet regarding spicy nuggets.

Talking reckless because you are White is a quick way to end up on your back. One NYC racist got knocked out after threatening some Black men in New York City.

On Thursday (November 11), Biden delivered remarks at a public ceremony where he stumbled on his wording by saying the words "the great Negro" as he honored former U.S. Ambassador to Hungary, Donald M. Blinken.

Need more proof that Dog The Bounty Hunter is forever tweaking? The reality star says his use of the dreaded N-word was granted to him.

Last week we were once again reminded that soccer players face resentment just because of their skin color. Black players from the England national team were disrespected after their loss to Italy and now Prince William is now speaking out.

In a new interview with Dan Patrick, the former NBA star had choices words for Jackson, the Chicago Bulls, and Michael Jordan.

Racists always deserve a proper fade. A white guy refused to stop saying the N-word while he was checking out at a convenience store, which led to him catching a tall can fade via the man of color who gave him plenty of outs to avoid a beatdown.

Cardi B is no stranger to criticism but this time the allegations have a very bigoted undertone. She is now accused of sending a legacy luxury brand’s identity to the gutter.

If you need more proof about America’s systemic hatred towards people of color then look no further. Some folks in Missouri made it clear they don’t care about Black people.

Cultural sensitivity (and calling out the racism jig) might be at an all-time high, thus companies far and wide are being tasked to evolve with the times. A long eye sore for the National Football League is about to be finally addressed.

Those who are taking stance against the National Football League are about to get some more ammunition. A high profile owner is being questioned for some off color commentary.

Donald Trump is a racist, this is known. So it should be no surprise that the Cheeto Charlatan cheerily shared a video on his Twitter that shows one of his supporters yelling "White Power!"