Tuesday night's (Sept.29) debate was an absolute mess. One moment outside of weaponizing a hate group, in particular, had people scratching their heads.

The one-time presidential hopeful and business executive was 74.

Former Presidential candidate Herman Cain has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. After the announcement, Twitter made sure to point out he had been spotted at Donald Trump's Tulsa rally with no mask on.


Remember Herman Cain, the coon who ran for President and the GOP was actually with him until reality hit that he was a Black guy? Well, he’s calling on his “fellow Blacks” to stop wasting time protesting Confederate statues. 

Herman Cain is no stranger to making comments that rile up his opposing side, in fact he’s become quite masterful at it. Today’s installment finds the one-time presidential hopeful calling those who voted for President Obama ignorant.

Looks like FOX News is trying to further diversify its list of pundits, sort of. Herman Cain has been hired by the right leaning news channel as a contributor. 

Mitt Romney has found support in Herman Cain. Romney has been criticized over his unwillingness to release more than two years worth of tax returns, as it will reveal that he placed money in off-shore accounts in order to remain in a 13 percent tax bracket, despite making hundreds of millions of dollars. “Let me […]

Herman Cain is taking his ridiculous ideals to radio airwaves. The one-time presidential hopeful, whose campaign was lampooned by sexual harassment and infidelity claims, will become the host of a conservative radio show. The morning show, currently helmed by Neal Boortz, is syndicated across the country, via Atlanta’s WSB radio. Cain will take over for Boortz, who […]

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