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Remember Herman Cain, the coon who ran for President and the GOP was actually with him until reality hit that he was a Black guy? Well, he’s calling on his “fellow Blacks” to stop wasting time protesting Confederate statues. 

Cain took to his own website to offer his insight and “my fellow blacks” (we capitalize Blacks around here) is really how he kicked off his malarkey.

Part of his essay says:

Tearing down statues doesn’t solve any of those problems, and solving those problems is what we need to be focused on.

It might create a problem, though. Tearing down statues that represent history is like pretending history didn’t happen. It did. And not everything that results from history is something you will like. We need to remember all of it, even (and perhaps especially) the parts that bother us because this is what we learn from.

Now we’re hearing that it’s not enough to tear down statues of Confederate soldiers, because having fought for the slave-owning Confederacy is not the only sin that needs to be erased from history. Now some want to tear down memorials to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson too, because they also owned slaves.

This is where we mention that Black people are quite capable of multitasking.

Cain also said Obama supporters are ignorant.

That said, GTFOH Herman Cain and tap dance somewhere else.

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