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Although an album has yet to be dropped, the Distant Relatives known as Nas and Damian Marley are still trying to leave their impact outside of the music. Teaming with National Geographic and V-Tech, the duo will have a panel debate on Saturday, December 12th in Washington D.C. Paying homage to the art of Hip […]


“All Hip Hop did was start reporting the news and the news just happened to be bad.” There has been debate within the African-American community to figure out exactly what happened in the relations between Black men and Black women and why  females are depicted and treated so negatively. The finger of blame has been […]

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The new generation of Hip Hop hasn’t been too kind to the older generation that established the foundation of music. Artist’s from the 90’s era that were once dominant are now struggling to even stay afloat in today’s music industry as fans have made the transition from craving substance to just wanting to have fun […]

Since the murder of Derrion Albert, many rappers have weighed in to say that action needs to be taken as the aggression  in the African-American community has escalated. It was reported earlier that Twista had made a more direct approach by visiting those that were friends of Albert. With such a heavy influence in the […]

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“I can’t use my own music without getting your permission?” The music industry isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.  Images may seem a lot different from afar and as people continue to look at artists and envy their luxurious lifestyles has a reality gut check to look forward to.  Too many have been […]

“All these kids been getting killed, all this stuff going on, we have to make a change.” Ever since the tragedy of Derrion Albert in Chicago, Hip-Hop has risen as a community to raise more awareness of the troubles going on within the youth, but it has been hard to say if things have actually […]


“Rap stopped being rap after Rakim.  Everything else was kinda like downhill.”  There was a day in time before everybody was dancing and riding with the South when New York was known as the stomping grounds for Hip-Hop music.  Much has changed since then as the energy has shifted towards pop infused rap records and […]


“I think a lot of artists got lazy and a lot of these new artists don’t know their history…It seems like it’s not from the heart and it’s from the brain.” Outside of being the Wizard of Poetry and speaking to the needs of the opposite sex, Ghostface Killah is a pioneer to the game […]

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2008 marked the much needed return of rapper Q-Tip.  Ushering in The Renaissance, the former member of A Tribe Called Quest brought back the vintage sound to Hip-Hop which has since then been replaced with instrumentals that overshadow the overall message or lack thereof. He followed up the release in 2009 by taking a step […]

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Reports have stated that Hov is in the process of trying to join forces with Liam Gallager from Rock group Oasis.  Yes, the same group that had words for the rapper when some felt that he shouldn’t have been able to headline the Glastonbury music festival due to the fact that it messes with the […]


One of the pioneers in Hip-Hop, DJ Mr. Magic, has passed away. You may remember him from Tupac’s song “Old School” when Pac referenced the DJ or from Nas’s “Halftime” when he said, “I gotta have it, I miss Mr. Magic.”Now the entire Hip-Hop world is reflecting on the death of the legend.


While touring the country to promote her role in the latest Tyler Perry flick, I Can Do Bad All By Myself, Gladys Knight took some time out of here arduous schedule to speak her mind on a few topics. One in particular, Hip-Hop, was very near to her being, personally and professionally. The legendary R&B […]