Huffington Post

The Huffington Post posted a piece from a contributor that cited a known tabloid and satire site as a source for the story. The article took a dig at Kim Kardashian and the allegation that she faked her robbery in Paris to keep the media’s attention on her, but it has since been deleted.

Although it didn’t affect much in terms of Straight Outta Compton’s box office dominance for three consecutive weeks, Dr. Dre’s 1991 physical attack on journalist Dee Barnes was an underlying storyline through most of the media. The incident was noticeably absent from the film for reasons, as director F. Gary Gray claims, to not detract […]

Comedienne and author Chelsea Handler took over Huffington Post’s Twitter account, and live-tweeted the happenings of the 2014 Academy Awards. Although Handler’s brand of comedy has always bordered on edgy, many felt she went over the line with a series of tasteless tweets aimed at Lupita Nyong’o, Sidney Poitier, and others.

Future fans will have to wait a bit longer for his sophomore effort Honest. During a recent sit down with the gold folks at HuffPost Live, the hit-making rapper discussed delaying his forthcoming album, the “Would You Like A Tour?,” his relationship with Ciara, and more.