if you are ready to learn

If you thought Brian McKnight’s ode to the kitty was bad, this new song makes that song sound like a church hymn. TMZ obtained a clip of the Based God of R&B, Brian Mcknight’s new jingle which is an anthem for top adult website, YouPorn.com. The clip is pretty heavily edited, but let your imagination […]

Brian McKnight looks like he is going to ride this train until the wheels fall off. Completely owning his own ridiculousness, Professor McKnight premieres the official video for his viral hit, “IfUrReadyToLearn,” on Funny Or Die. 

Brian McKnight is ready to teach you a lesson. The firestorm that the mild-mannered R&B star caused last week hasn’t tempered, and it looks like he’s ready to capitalize on it. Take a listen to the full version of Brian McKnight’s hit(?) single, “iFUrReadyToLearn,” and cop the song in full on iTunes. 

It hasn’t even been a full 24 hours yet, but the awkward and hilarious “If You Are Ready To Learn,” by Brian McKnight has already been immortalized in Internet lure. From music videos, gif, and more hit the jump to check out how cruel the internet could be