A Twitter user by the name of @B_REInvest aka Mr. Chicken Tenders has been accused of taking money from hopeful investors and stiffing them on returns

Jay-Z continues to boss up in big fashion. His most recent move slots him as a major investor in Michael Rubin’s Fanatics brand.


In the past few days, the buzz around GameStop, AMC, and Reddit has dominated the news cycle.  One might’ve noticed several people online discussing investing in stocks and pondered, “What’s going on?”

Ja Rule took to Twitter to blast Robinhood for shutting down individual investors from buying up GameStop and other stocks, and he elaborated on his position via a new interview.

With hedge funds losing big and brokerage firms blocking access to hot stocks, Twitter users are pushing back against the will of Wall Street by demanding a truly free market.

Back in 2019, GameStop announced that it was closing hundreds of stores nationwide as the need for a brick and mortar video game store started to dwindle. This week, the retail chain is experiencing a boom in stock value, and what makes this unique is that individual investors have somehow bent the market to their will.

Chamillionaire has long made the seamless transition from award-winning musician to savvy businessman and has used his platform to help others achieve their goals. Having done similar contests in the past, the Texas artist will join forces with E-40 and FUBU’s Daymond John to launch a competition that will grant seed money to the next […]

A new app is hoping to bring outdoor camping to wider audiences by way of a similar model to temporary lodging company Airbnb. Hipcamp just received a big round of funding from several investment partners, including Jay-Z and Will Smith.

Imagine being able to not just own a rare piece of art, an elusive pair of sneakers or the first edition of a comic book but to also own a share of it. A new investment app called Otis wants to make that happen for users.

For some time now, Chamillionaire has thrived within the venture capital world and as an entrepreneur in residence with the Upfront Ventures. The Texas rapper is now teaming up with fellow artist and businessman E-40 and investment platform Republic for a new contest that will award thousands to an up and coming start-up business.

Jay-Z is serious about being a player in the venture capital game. Hova has quietly filed to create a new company that will invest on behalf of big money clients. 

Nas looks like he’s preparing for his next steps beyond blessing microphones, although his latest venture might gross a few of you out. The Queensbridge legend has invested in a company that makes power bars and food by using the bodies of crickets.