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In the midst of the explosion of stocks and investing this week, an unexpected champion of the people emerged. Ja Rule took to Twitter to blast Robinhood for shutting down individual investors from buying up GameStop and other stocks, and he elaborated on his position via a new interview.

The veteran Queens rapper has been active on Twitter this week, urging his followers and fellow investors to “hold the line” as the refrain went during the GameStop and AMC investment craze over the past few days.

“Yo this is a f*cking CRIME what @RobinhoodApp is doing DO NOT SELL!!! HOLD THE LINE… WTF,” Ja Rule tweeted Thursday morning (Jan. 28). A scan of his Twitter feed shows that his passion for investment isn’t new as he’s been using Robinhood since 2014 and believes in the so-called free market but has blasted the brokerage app for essentially robbing its users of gains and opportunity.

Sitting down with TMZ Live, Ja Rule explained more about his passion for trading stocks, why he’s upset at Robinhood for shutting down access at a critical point, and why he’s looking to ditch the service he’s used for years. Simply put, Ja Rule thinks that Robinhood shifted the system against the hordes of individual investors who found a way to beat Wall Street at the very game they’ve played for decades and believes folks should take their trading to other platforms.

That could present a problem, however, as WeBull, TD Ameritrade, and even CashApp were reportedly freezing out investors from buying or selling in what some felt was a plot to give Wall Street the upper hand it lost.

Check out Ja Rule’s TMZ Live chat on Robinhood, stock trading, and more below.

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