The casting in this Michael biopic is legit!

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It’s officially December and with Christmas only a couple of weeks and change away, folks near and far hasten to purchase gifts, Xmas trees and other necessary accouterments to commemorate the season to be jolly. It’s a stressful process, we know, but here’s some seasonal music courtesy of DJ Mick Boogie and to keep you in the […]

As the first anniversary of fallen pop star Michael Jackson quickly approaches, his family continues to make news. Randy Jackson, brother of Michael was hospitalized Tuesday in Southern California. Randy Jackson experienced chest pains on Tuesday and was taken to Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena. He is currently awaiting

There are rumors flying that the young man in the picture is MJ’s son that he kept on the low. This is reportedly Michael Jackson’s secret son – a 25-year-old singer who’s said to be getting a DNA test to confirm whether he is MJ’s love child. Intriguingly, Norwegian Omer Bhatti – circled in the […]

Tito Jackson, the late Michael Jackson’s brother, has spoken out and confirmed rumors that he and his siblings did, in fact, try to stage an intervention for the troubled singer, who was struggling with an addiction to prescription drugs before his death. According to Britain’s Daily Mirror, Tito, 55, said in an interview that he […]

Rumors and speculations have been swirling about the late Michael Jackson’s death without conclusion. However, amongst all the clamor, it has been reported that the LAPD believes the pop star’s death was due to misuse of a powerful anesthesia and his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, may have been involved. According to, law enforcement […]


Although the great MJ was heavily in debt, don’t sleep on the possibility he could have been murdered with the thinking his estate would be more valuable if he was dead. He had a lot of shady and greedy Hollyweird types around him and we wouldn’t put Shyte past these characters: Los Angeles’ top cop […]


The memorial service for the biggest entertainer of all time takes place today. Michael Jackson’s public memorial service will be held at The Staples Center at 10 a.m. PT. (1 p.m. ET). Only 8,750 fans were chosen to attend from the 1.6 million that registered online for free tickets. Each person received two tickets for […]