Jacob Blake

The family of Blake is considering a civil lawsuit against Rustin Sheskey.

To use the former business mogul's words, Trump referred to the Kenosha, Wisc. officer as a "choker" under pressure.

Megan Thee Stallion made sure we continue to say the names of those who have been victims of police brutality.

On Wednesday (Aug 26) just one day after the 17-year old gunman opened fire on a crowd of peaceful protestors gathered to call for justice after the police shooting of Jacob Blake, the New York Post posted an article seemingly sympathizing with Rittenhouse, while criminalizing Black victims. The newspaper promoted the article sharing the news of Rittenhouse's arrest by prominently displaying pictures of the teen cleaning up graffiti, after slandering victim Jacob Blake claiming he had a knife in his vehicle--a detail that was proven false by investigators.

17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse could spend the rest of his life in jail following the shooting incident that saw 2 Jacob Blake protesters lose their lives and left one person injured.

It seems if the law can’t kill you they will dehumanize you in anyway possible. Jacob Blake is now the victim of racial profiling even after his brutal shooting.


Mr. Blake says he spoke to Biden and Harris for a full hour and felt comforted afterwards as President Obama's former VP and his running mate actually have the kind of empathy you'd want in the leader of a country.

Following the Milwaukee Bucks decision to boycott their playoff game on Wednesday night (Aug.26), it triggered a snowball effect of protests and reactions.

Well, like they say, the truth hurts. Max's invite to the cookout as far as we're concerned is a lifetime one. As a matter of fact, we will gladly take Max Kellerman over Terry "Tap Dancing" Crews any day.

Now an analyst, Big Shot Rob needs to remix his name to Big Shot Dad after expressing deep love and extreme worry over the life of his sons.

Shaun King is bringing unnecessary attention to the call for justice following the shooting of Jacob Blake after he posted some heada** tweets.

Letetra Wideman, one of Blake's sisters, gave perhaps the most stirring comments at a news conference held in Wisconsin.