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Former All-Star NBA power forward Jayson Williams stopped by The Breakfast Club


Three months after he was released from custody, NBA player Jayson Williams is opening up about the ordeal. In an interview with The Associated Press, Williams expressed remorse for the actions that led him to serve eight months at New York’s Rikers Island on drunk driving charges, and 18 months of his involvement in the 2002 […]


Former New Jersey Nets big man Jayson Williams has been freed from New York’s Rikers Island prison after a long list of legal issues that plagued him after his premature retirement from the league due to injury. Williams served eighth months on drunk driving charges in New York, this after serving 18 months in New […]


“There’s not a day I wake up and I don’t feel sorry for what I did to Mr. Christofi,” Jayson Williams said. The day of reckoning has finally fallen upon former New Jersey Nets player Jayson Williams. Williams, 42, was sentenced to five years in prison, Tuesday, for the fatal shooting of his limousine driver […]


After nearly eight years of waiting, former New Jersey Net, Jayson Williams will receive his fate today. As previously reported Williams pled guilty to aggravated assault charges in January for the death of his limo driver Costas “Gus” Christofi. Prosecutors believe Williams was showing off a shotgun to friends and family when it accidentally went […]

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Jayson Williams was a formidable foe on the hardwood; with any luck, he has retained some skills because they will surely be needed where he is going. The Former NBA all-star plead guilty in a New Jersey courtroom to aggravated assault charges after accidentally murdering his limousine driver, Costas “Gus” Christofi, almost eight years ago. […]


Former NBA-star Jayson Williams is once again in trouble with the law, and as in other instances, has no one to blame but himself. Police responded the scene of a single-vehicle crash during the wee hours of morning to find Williams injured behind the wheel is has Black Mercedes SUV. Local authorities claim that alcohol […]


Ex-NBA player Jayson Williams was taken to the hospital early Tuesday morning after being injured in a car crash. Police believe he may have been drinking and driving although he tried to move to the passenger seat before police arrived. Witnesses to the crash say they saw Williams driving and police report that no one […]