Jazmine Sullivan

On Friday (Feb. 11), the Philadelphia songstress delivered the deluxe edition of the release titled Heaux Tales, Mo'Tales: The Deluxe, and Twitter is especially fond of the "Issa's Tale" interlude.

A Megan Thee Stallion and Jazmine Sullivan joint project could very well happen.

The Philadelphia singer's fans confessed to doing some crazy things that they'll never be able to admit to their partners.

The Philadelphia singer's name began trending on Twitter when a fan posed a question of who would make a better bedroom partner between her and fellow Philly jawn, Jazmine Sullivan.

 Jazmine Sullivan went to the highest ground to stoop to the lowest low. She wrote a Facebook eulogy to a dead man she thinks tried to talk to her.

Lifestyle magazine EBONY has sparked a variety of conversations across social media in recent times, unafraid to push the envelope when it comes to touching on necessary topics. The latest issue takes on the beauty and fashion industry, with four  lovely plus-sized starlets gracing the magazine’s cover and turning heads to boot.

Forever doesn’t last, but thanks to a little technology and Jazmine Sullivan’s God-given knack for immaculate tone and range, we can listen to greatness for years to come.

Philly songstress Jazmine Sullivan adapts popular television series Cheaters for her own reality TV show in “Dumb,” featuring Meek Mill. The lead single off her third solo album is turned into a crafty visual where she plays a muppet on the creep on her own Dumb TV helping to catch cheating spouses red-handed. Watch all the action […]

It’s been three-and-a-half-years since we last heard from Philly songstress Jazmine Sullivan, but just as summer approaches, she antes up a heater titled “Dumb,” featuring Meek Mill.